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How long does delivery take?

We keep 4 of each prototype in stock. After we sell the available units we order new ones. Production time is between 1-2 days.

We aim within 4-5days to ship the products and within 2-3 to receive them with selected supplier.

Why are they plastic?

We develop all products from PLA recycled plastic, which has a second life, through our exercises.

We are currently researching various varieties of wood, looking for prices and quotes on pieces.

Our main goal is to test the prototypes and their marketability, after which we will decide how to proceed.

Do the activities work?

The dementia exercises and activities were tested by an inter-organizational consortium of 6 organizations under the Erasmus+ KA2 collaborative research project.

The selected activities on the website have been tested in Bulgaria in several nursing homes by Alzheimer Bulgaria experts.

These activities serve to utilize the free time of caregivers and/or relatives of seniors who have dementia or Alzheimer's.

They are not a cure or a panacea for the disease.

Return of items

If the integrity of the product is compromised you can return the product to us within the statutory time limit and receive your money back on account or a chosen supplier we work with.

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